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Through my speaking engagements, workshops, consultations and writing, I shares stories, resources and insights to guide and equip mothers, and other caregivers of students who struggle academically. I am fiercely committed to helping them develop and enhance their foundational skills for learning, thereby achieving success in school and in life.

My path to pursue this work is personal. After attaining a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education, I found very little joy in classroom teaching so I left it. While working in the fashion industry, a colleague introduced me to the world of speech-language pathology. My fascination with words and language drew her to that field; therefore, I pursued it and acquired a Master of Arts degree.

My journey to my passion for individualized learning began with a desire to break free from the educational rut in which students were retained because of limited reading skills and academic progress, yet bombarded with the same cookie-cutter teaching they had received the previous year. Research and training in brain-based learning and sensory functioning served as my vehicle of choice to navigate the world of reading and spelling difficulty in which my then 2nd grade daughter lived. As I implemented every program discovered, I realized that dyslexia was an extraordinary gift when a parent knew how to develop, assess and activate each sense; because it is through our senses that we take in and process information.

Because I consider my profession my calling and look upon myself as a life-long learner, I am working on a doctoral degree in Christian education. I have taken numerous courses on various human development, and brain-based learning and retraining topics in my more than 25 years in the industry. I have co-authored the books Wake Up…Live the Life You Want: Living in Abundance (Amazon Best-Seller), Finding the Courage Within You and the 2014 Women’s devotional Breathe. I am the author of the forthcoming book that provides a MAP for mothers to navigate the sensory waters and direct their struggling learner to safe academic shores.

I am on a mission to eliminate every barrier that stands in the way of students being, doing and achieving their highest potential in life. My daughter, now a junior in high school, has maintained the first place in her class since entering high school. I want families everywhere to know that every child is unique, yet essentially the same. I frequently offer music listening therapy, auditory processing, and neuro-sensory training for mothers. I welcome speaking invitations to inspire and empower forward thinking parents to observe their children, note their bent and help them discover their gifts, abilities and purposes.

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