I Love to Listen Day

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Today is “I Love to Listen Day.”

This is a day when you honor the people in your life by listening actively to them.

Here are 5 suggested activities you can do today. You will find more at the I Love to Listen website:

  • Stop what you are doing and listen to someone.
  • Organize a party and play listening games.
  • Send a card / letter / email thanking someone who listened to you.
  • Start a family tradition of “Listening Time.”
  • Develop your personal definition of listening.

Make this is great day for someone else!

You’ll be glad you did.

Can you add another listening activity?


Reality…About Children Learning and Mothers/Teachers Teaching

This post is the follow-up to yesterday’s: http://www.florencecallender.com/dreaming-about-children-learning-and-mothersteachers-teaching/

“Life is like a departure lounge. The place you end up depends on which ticket you bought.” ~ Dr. Dion T. Harrigan

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When children are born, they each come with their own “equipment.”

Law enforcement officers turn to their fingerprint files when searching for a criminal. The doors to some high-tech offices are now opened by the eye-print of the person seeking access. Blind people identify the person addressing them by their voice-print. An approaching individual can be recognized by his gait. The identity of a dead person may be ascertained by his dentition.

Dreaming…About Children Learning and Mothers/Teachers Teaching

“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you not only change his or her life, you have the opportunity to change generations to come.” ~ Dr. Daniel Amen

“No! You can’t have her. She is mine,” I screamed, and grabbed on to my daughter’s ankles. With super-human strength, I pulled her down into my arms…away from the woman who had snatched her.

With a baleful glance, the evil-looking woman slinked away.

Learning for Success in School and Life…The Visual-Spatial Way?

Florence is the mother of an amazing teenager; an educational consultant, author, speaker, speech-language pathologist, encourager and perpetual optimist. She shares tips, tools and resources with mothers (and other caregivers) of struggling and/or failing children. She is fiercely committed to helping them develop and enhance their children's foundational skills for learning, to grow them to success in school and life. A believer in the unique learning abilities of all children, she is an advocate for those who learn differently.

A few years ago, I went to visit my friend during my vacation time. When I walked into her home, I straightened up immediately. Everything was in order.

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You know the stuff your parents tell you as a child like, “A place for everything, and everything in its place?” She followed that principle.

I peeked into her closet. The clothing hangers were all white. And not only were her clothes sorted by category, but also by color.