Can Visual Sequencing Affect Learning?


Throughout my childhood and teenage years, my nickname was “bookworm.”

I devoured books. It seemed.

Every Friday, after her weekly shopping, my mom would go to the Christian bookstore and buy me a book. I read this, in addition to the ones I borrowed from the library.

Oh the dreams I had… the places I went… the people I met.

But I had one problem.

Learning and Visual Figure-Ground Discrimination

Visual Figure Ground

If your child cannot distinguish a shape or a printed character from its background, she is having trouble with visual figure-ground discrimination.

Yesterday, we looked at visual discrimination. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at this slightly different visual processing skill.

How can you tell your child is having this kind of dilemma?

Reality…About Children Learning and Mothers/Teachers Teaching

This post is the follow-up to yesterday’s:

“Life is like a departure lounge. The place you end up depends on which ticket you bought.” ~ Dr. Dion T. Harrigan

Boy looking at math and science icons - Resized Larger

When children are born, they each come with their own “equipment.”

Law enforcement officers turn to their fingerprint files when searching for a criminal. The doors to some high-tech offices are now opened by the eye-print of the person seeking access. Blind people identify the person addressing them by their voice-print. An approaching individual can be recognized by his gait. The identity of a dead person may be ascertained by his dentition.