I Love to Listen Day

Listen to Me - Poem _1

Listen to Me - Poem _2

Today is “I Love to Listen Day.”

This is a day when you honor the people in your life by listening actively to them.

Here are 5 suggested activities you can do today. You will find more at the I Love to Listen website:

  • Stop what you are doing and listen to someone.
  • Organize a party and play listening games.
  • Send a card / letter / email thanking someone who listened to you.
  • Start a family tradition of “Listening Time.”
  • Develop your personal definition of listening.

Make this is great day for someone else!

You’ll be glad you did.

Can you add another listening activity?


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8 thoughts on “I Love to Listen Day

  1. Not interrupting the person as they speak.
    Not coming up with an answer before they’ve finished speaking.
    Taking a breathe before you speak!

  2. One thing that I can do is Actively Listen. For example, when I’m at work and a co-worker stops by my desk to speak to me, sometimes I continue working, instead of taking the time to stop what I’m doing and actively engage them by giving them my undivided attention. That’s important. It tells them that they’re important too.

    Great post. Thanks for Sharing.


    • I’m glad you like it. This is one of my favorite poems about listening.

      Another favorite is the poem that begins with:

      When I ask you to listen to me
      And you start giving me advice,
      You have not done what I’ve asked…