Dyslexia – Asset or Disability?

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A loving, persistent parent as advocate is the dyslexic child’s best ally. He doesn’t have to end up on the scrap heap of humanity.

According to Gabrielle Coppola, “The ability to grasp the big picture, persistence, and creativity are a few of the entrepreneurial traits of many dyslexics.” They make exceptional entrepreneurs and inventors, among other accomplishments. 

Learning and Visual Figure-Ground Discrimination

Visual Figure Ground

If your child cannot distinguish a shape or a printed character from its background, she is having trouble with visual figure-ground discrimination.

Yesterday, we looked at visual discrimination. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at this slightly different visual processing skill.

How can you tell your child is having this kind of dilemma?

How Our Environments Can Impact Upon Learning

This is a guest post from Healthy Life and Safe Living Consultant, Lucinda Curran, who integrates Chinese medicine and Building Biology to provide truly holistic healthcare. Can your home be sabotaging your child’s learning? Read on to find out.

sick-building-syndrome home

Our modern conveniences and products make our lives easier to manage, but have you ever considered that they might impact on our health?

There are many factors in our modern environments that can negatively impact on health. For the purposes of this article, we will address aspects related to learning and functioning of your child.

Dreaming…About Children Learning and Mothers/Teachers Teaching

“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you not only change his or her life, you have the opportunity to change generations to come.” ~ Dr. Daniel Amen

“No! You can’t have her. She is mine,” I screamed, and grabbed on to my daughter’s ankles. With super-human strength, I pulled her down into my arms…away from the woman who had snatched her.

With a baleful glance, the evil-looking woman slinked away.

Learning Styles – Myth of Reality?

If you had to learn something new, which would you prefer? To watch a video about it, listen to someone explain how to do it, or have someone show you what to do while you did it? What about your child…do you know? The 1st method is visual; the 2nd is auditory; and the 3rd tactile or kinesthetic. Each person acquires and processes information in a different way.

learning-styles-visual learning-styles-auditorylearning-styles-kinesthetic