Dyslexia – Asset or Disability?

Photo Credit: MaryAGrim@KatyISD.org


A loving, persistent parent as advocate is the dyslexic child’s best ally. He doesn’t have to end up on the scrap heap of humanity.

According to Gabrielle Coppola, “The ability to grasp the big picture, persistence, and creativity are a few of the entrepreneurial traits of many dyslexics.” They make exceptional entrepreneurs and inventors, among other accomplishments. 

Is Testing More Important Than Reading?

Boy Struggling to Read

Photo Credit: Olga Sapegina

Today, I administered the state English Language Arts examination to 4 students who receive speech-language therapy from me.

Their academic accommodations require them to be tested in a small group, a separate location, with minimal distractions. Two receive additional time; two do not.

Twenty minutes into the test, JR, an 8-year-old boy, folded his arms on the table, then put his head down onto them.

As I watched him, his face became flushed. A few minutes later, he burst into tears.

How Our Environments Can Impact Upon Learning

This is a guest post from Healthy Life and Safe Living Consultant, Lucinda Curran, who integrates Chinese medicine and Building Biology to provide truly holistic healthcare. Can your home be sabotaging your child’s learning? Read on to find out.

sick-building-syndrome home

Our modern conveniences and products make our lives easier to manage, but have you ever considered that they might impact on our health?

There are many factors in our modern environments that can negatively impact on health. For the purposes of this article, we will address aspects related to learning and functioning of your child.