Dyslexia – Asset or Disability?

Photo Credit: MaryAGrim@KatyISD.org


A loving, persistent parent as advocate is the dyslexic child’s best ally. He doesn’t have to end up on the scrap heap of humanity.

According to Gabrielle Coppola, “The ability to grasp the big picture, persistence, and creativity are a few of the entrepreneurial traits of many dyslexics.” They make exceptional entrepreneurs and inventors, among other accomplishments. 

Learning Styles – Myth of Reality?

If you had to learn something new, which would you prefer? To watch a video about it, listen to someone explain how to do it, or have someone show you what to do while you did it? What about your child…do you know? The 1st method is visual; the 2nd is auditory; and the 3rd tactile or kinesthetic. Each person acquires and processes information in a different way.

learning-styles-visual learning-styles-auditorylearning-styles-kinesthetic