Is Testing More Important Than Reading?

Boy Struggling to Read

Photo Credit: Olga Sapegina

Today, I administered the state English Language Arts examination to 4 students who receive speech-language therapy from me.

Their academic accommodations require them to be tested in a small group, a separate location, with minimal distractions. Two receive additional time; two do not.

Twenty minutes into the test, JR, an 8-year-old boy, folded his arms on the table, then put his head down onto them.

As I watched him, his face became flushed. A few minutes later, he burst into tears.

Can Visual Sequencing Affect Learning?


Throughout my childhood and teenage years, my nickname was “bookworm.”

I devoured books. It seemed.

Every Friday, after her weekly shopping, my mom would go to the Christian bookstore and buy me a book. I read this, in addition to the ones I borrowed from the library.

Oh the dreams I had… the places I went… the people I met.

But I had one problem.