Learning…Hindsight…20/20 Vision

Authors. Scientists. Adventurers…

The story of their lives was the story of my life.

At ten, I consumed every biography and autobiography I could get my hands on.

The librarian became my friend… I saw her every day when I went to exchange the books I had borrowed the day before.

In the car while my family went on road trips… I read.

On ocean liners as we sailed to other islands to visit family… I read.

During church services… I read.

Standing on lines… I read.

Walking down the street… I read. (Don’t try this one. I can tell you from experience, it could have painful consequences)

I read in my bed from the light of a flashlight (under the covers when I was supposed to be asleep).

When my dad caught me reading in bed, after he left my room I’d go to the lavatory with my book, sit there and read until someone showed up wanting to use it.

I read about Jane Austen and her books Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility.

Add to that Charlotte Bronte… Anne Bronte… Louisa May Alcott… George Eliot… and…

I read all of my elder sister’s literature books.

If there ever was a glutton for books… I was her.


I was hooked.

At age ten, I decided.

I want to be a writer.

I am going to be an author.

However, it seemed like I was the only person who saw that as a viable profession. And after years of discouragement and advice about profitable careers, I changed my mind.

Fast forward nine years… in college.

What should I study?

I don’t know.

So I studied business… then education… and after that fashion designing… next speech-language pathology.

Today, I’ve come full circle.

My circuitous journey resulted in the mosaic of thoughts that led me back home to the thrill and comfort of writing.

What I wanted to be at age ten, I have become… An Author.

So today, I tell moms and dads, “Listen to your children. Most times they know what makes their hearts sing. Guide them…but don’t dissuade them.”

Have you ever persuaded your children against doing something they really really really wanted to do? Would you please share it with us?

Florence is the mother of an amazing teenager; an educational consultant, author, speaker, speech-language pathologist, encourager and perpetual optimist. She shares tips, tools and resources with mothers (and other caregivers) of struggling and/or failing children. She is fiercely committed to helping them develop and enhance their children's foundational skills for learning, to grow them to success in school and life. A believer in the unique learning abilities of all children, she is an advocate for those who learn differently.

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10 thoughts on “Learning…Hindsight…20/20 Vision

  1. I don’t have any children yet and my parents didn’t really persuade me to do what I want. Maybe because I don’t know what I really want. But they enrolled to me summer classes which I loved. I was forced to take a degree of their choice in college and I learned to like it. But I still want what I want, though I’m satisfied with the outcome of their decision.

    • Maanne, finding your passion and purpose takes time and plenty of thought. When you are ready, you schedule the time, get pen and paper, write down the things you excel at, and list the things you are passionate about…the things you would gladly spend all day doing, even though you’re not paid for it. That’s where you begin.

  2. Hey Flo

    Oh boy – I see so much of myself in you. #HUGSSSS I cannot remember the number of times I was chastised for reading quietly in the corner while the rest of family had fun ‘connecting’ with each other. Little did they realize that I was connecting too – with WORDS! Words were, are and will remain my best friends, mentors and CRUSHES 😉

    While my ‘reading list’ didn’t include such luminaries as Jane Austen, I sure as heck devoured every Hardy Boys and Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew mystery! hehe – PS: I am STILL a thriller-junkie, although my repertoire has now expanded to include non-fiction 😀

    I still get lectures about ‘not wasting my education in Telecommunication’ – never mind that I never had a knack for it nor had the passion to learn more about it! Lol I was FANTASTIC at taking tests, so my 90+ percentages implied that my life was pre-destined – I was to be an Engineer or a Doctor or a Scientist, the only professions that are respected in India . An artist, writer or any student or connoisseur of liberal arts is at best a second-rate citizen, and at worst persona-non-grata! LOL

    But your passion pulls you towards it ultimately. No amount of external resistance can extinguish the fire of hope and love for your favored profession.

    I am still fighting those naysayers and may never become a published writer, BUT I am going to write every day anyway.

    Thank you for rekindling my love for words, darling #Muaaah

    LOTS of love and BEST wishes

    • You are welcome, Kitto. And thanks for sharing your story with us.

      I hope that, in time, parents will stop pushing their children to do things for their appearance or status value and encourage them to follow their passion and gifting.